Mac versus PC who is cooler now?

over inspirende ontwerpen incl. 3D scanners

Samenwerking met SketchUp


Of te wel wie gaat er in 2016 met de virtuele DESIGN AWARD vandoor?

Apple of Microsoft ?

en wie is er bezig om het 3D scannen van modellen algemeen te maken?

Enkele uren voor de presentatie van Cook's vroegtijdig gelekte Powerbook feature is het nu ook voor Apple duidelijk dat er SNEL werk aan de winkel is om het imago vlot op te schroeven. En niet groter, kleiner, dunner en waterdicht, maar innovatief.

BBC 27 oct. 2016

Introducing the new MS Surface Book i7

Microsoft Surface Studio - Full Announcement

Nazmul Rabbi 1 dag geleden

Apple has 24 hours to respond or the iMac is dead.

Jan 1 dag geleden

Microsoft just made Apple products look old fashioned. Astonishing work. And I am Macbook user but this is just so crazy good.

Trevor Peck 4 uur geleden

The imac is a consumer level product only, and in no way fits into the workflow of any type of designer, same for the Ipad. That is why the surface studio is much better. Its highly useful for designers and creative people.

Melchi Zedeq 1 dag geleden

Jobs back to life and is working for Microsoft?


met een recensie van de nieuwe Microsoft Surface Studio, ongekend voor een Apple tijdschrift.

Spec for spec, the iMac is a bargain over the Surface Studio

Just for fun, we compare Microsoft's brand-new desktop PCs to similarly spec'ed iMacs released a year ago and the iMacs are $700 to $1,000 cheaper.


The biggest difference is the graphics chip's in the iMac, you get an AMD Radeon R9 M390 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. There is no Nvidia option for this iMac; it's AMD all the way.

GPU NVIDIA GTX 965M (Surface Studio)

2948 Passmarks

introductie datum jan 2015, gebaseerd op Maxwell GM 204 (later de GM 206) architectuur.
924 MHz en 1151 MHz turbo core clocks base en Turbo klok frequenties.
OpenGL 4.5, DirectX 12.0 Feature level 12_1, OpenCL 1.1, CUDA 1024 cores
op de 119e plaats


AMD R9 M390 (Apple's iMac)

6939 Passmarks
OpenGL 4.4, DirectX 12 Feature Level 11_2, Shader 5.0, OpenCL (not specified), DirectCompute 5.0
1024 Shader cores met 958 MHz klok. 2GB GGDR5 VRAM,
Deze R9 presteert net iets meer dan een NVIDIA GTX 960M of een 870M.
2816 Strem processing units, 44 compute units
Op de 27ste plaats

Passmark punten

De top wordt op dit moment aangevoerd door NVIDIA Titan X met 13.088 punten.
Gevolgd door de (ook vanwege zijn prijsstelling) zeer interessante GTX 1080 met 12.308 punten.
Het aantal punten bij Laptops ligt altijd lager dan van desktops.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M met 2 GB GDDR5 geheugen.

Creatieve professionals

192 ppi scherm met sRGB en DCI-P3 kleuren profiel.

Intel Core i5 quad-core, 1 TB opslag, 8 GB RAM

6e generatie Intel processoren, de nieuwe Kaby Lake chipset komt pas in begin 2017 op de markt.

The biggest difference is the graphics chip's in the iMac, you get an AMD Radeon R9 M390 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. There is no Nvidia option for this iMac; it's AMD all the way.

Microsoft just showed off a smartphone app that lets you scan any object in 3D

Corey Protin, Oct. 26, 2016, 10:30 AM 6,585

Link businessinsider

The irony: Microsoft makes depth-tracking phone while ignoring Kinect

Chris Davies - Aug 12, 2014


How Surface Studio takes on iMac in 5 steps

Chris Burns - Oct 26, 2016

But it's the Surface Studio where Microsoft is aiming to change the way creative people make art. And design things, and illustrate, and conjure up 3D sculptures in the digital realm.

Holograms, 3D and a Surface PC: what to expect at Microsoft's Windows 10 event

Tim Biggs October 26 2016


If Microsoft really wants to push Holographic and is looking to promote the Surface PC as a machine at the centre of it all, it could include a 3D camera array similar to Google's Project Tango or Intel's RealSense, allowing the computer to scan and model its surroundings and any objects you present to it.

SketchUp partnership?

The new, 3D focused Paint will give users the ability to work in three axes using a variety of new tools. While it's able to import 3D scans, the "magic select" is able to pull images from their background easily, and "doodle" instantly turns any 2D drawings into 3D renders. All the extant 2D brush, pen, and pencil tools will have the ability to interact with 3D objects as well. Microsoft are also planning on adding 3D scanning to all Windows phones, though the timeline for the rollout is unclear.

A robust library of 3D objects to play with in Paint will be provided by Remix, as well as a partnership with Sketchup. Sharing to Facebook is supported natively, and will display on timelines as a rotating gif. But most impressively-Paint projects will be able to be 3D printed right from the app.

Microsoft's fresh coat of Paint will be available in the Windows 10 Creators Update which ships next spring.

Microsoft Paint Gets a Huge 3D Overhaul

Bryan Menegus | Gizmodo MediaOct 26, 2016, 08.07 PM IST


October 26, 2016 10:30 am

Introducing 3D for everyone

By Megan Saunders / General Manager, Windows Experiences Group


Introducing 3D in Windows 10

Gepubliceerd op 26 okt. 2016

Bring your ideas to life in 3D. The Windows 10 Creators Update has everything you need to capture, create, view and share in 3D. See how amazing the world is when you unleash your imagination in a new dimension.

Learn more:

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