Six Points of reflection, measurement and 3D drawing

1. Wouldn't be great if SketchUp with Ruby could interact / exchange data between the two script languages?

Avena+ Test Bed explores the relationship between landscape, agriculture and digital fabrication. Argriculture printing.


3D playing around

defining a simple box()

simple sphere()

Processing Forum 3d


Open Processing

to share your sketches, a sort of 3D Warehouse for OP sketches.


3D libraries

PeasyCam: mouse driven camera control library for 3D sketches

.obj file loader


PSystem plugin load and draw any number of 3d objects in .obj format.


2. Maker event coming up in Paris on June 2014. With SketchUp you can make the 3D models.


3. A starters publication

Maker movement has something to offerGetting Started with Processing
publication O'Reilly for Make:
Casey Reas & Ben Fry


4. A function (or library) would be great to get grip on the shadow info in SketchUp in order to do al sorts of calculations for the buildings.

Now the shadow is a function of OpenGL previewed only on the SketchUp screen. A sort of actual geometry (in a layer) would be nice to go further with that. Color it, calculate the surface etc.


5. Inteligent Libraries

Coming back to Processing: one of the powerful keypoints in Processing is the use of inteligent libraries that makes it easy for the programmer to get grip on difficult thinks like for instance viewing an 3D object around. Could we see Ruby more in the future as a way to deliver some sort of shorthand were users can make use of the inteligent Ruby code to perform there own scripts? Ruby lib. as a sort of shorthand to perform valuable calculations.


6. 'Homemade' low cost not to accurate Point Clouds could be made with every day lower price tag parallel to 3D printers. Would it be great to work with some sort of plug-in for SketchUp to work with pointclouds of your own?


Reconstruct your world

PCL (Point Cloud Library) is a standalone, large scale, open project for 2D and 3D image and point cloud processing


3D senor for iPad, mobile scanning

Cheap DIY laser scanner


MakerScanner, open source 3D scanning



Simple 3d scanners


3D APP's iPad

See the list of 3D App's available for iPad (more then 56 pieces).

In the SketchUp Special publication :

* how to draw twice as fast?

* manual for the SketchUp Mobile Viewer

* 3D App's for iPad

* Laser scanners for point clouds and measurements (in Dutch language)